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The Full Story

The world can feel pretty judgmental and chaotic these days, and I have found myself, like many of us, spending way too much time thinking during these covid times. I've been thinking about the boxes society and authoritative figures put us in as well as the boxes we put ourselves in. Those boxes can be the easily identifiable, like sexuality, race and gender, down to something as simple as being afraid to wear a bold, bright color. Well, while we all do our best to work on the bigger issues, let's relax for a minute, light a joint, and enjoy some of the the things that are more easy to control - like simple color. I'm here, doing my best, to bring a little taste of warm, tropical sunshine. I love bold, bright color to uplift the mood, especially in the northern climates where sun can be scarce for many months. I like making pieces that are complex and intricate and take hours to fully take in. You can't ever have too much community. I hope you enjoy my work, and stay healthy out there, friends!

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