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Why get a tattoo or piercing at Heartbreaker?

A respectful, client-first, professional tattoo and piercing experience


Talented Artists!

 Inclusive, Respectful Environment

Clean, safe studio

Colorful Tropical Vibes

Our skilled team will work with you to design the perfect piece and placement. Whether you want realistic, traditional, color or anything in between, the artists want to help you find your unique self-expression.

Everyone is welcome and everyone deserves respect. We strive to ensure everyone who comes in feels respected and cared for.

Bright colors and wild textures everywhere you look, reggaeton beats in the's quite a unique experience!!

Every artist follows the highest level of sanitation standards to ensure the safest possible experience.

Meet The Artists


Maxine Wigen

3 Years Experience
Specializing in American Traditional

Max is a young artist with 3 years of experience, and leans more towards sketchbook style tattoos. They're a plant nerd and love floral/plant based tattoos. Max is more than willing to do large abstract tattoos as those are their favorite to do.

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OEnone Shore

Tattoo Apprentice

Max is a young artist with 3 years of experience, and leans more towards sketchbook style tattoos. They're a plant nerd and love floral/plant based tattoos. Max is more than willing to do large abstract tattoos as those are their favorite to do.

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Tylor Buttolph

*To schedule a tattoo with Tylor, please contact him at (509)564-4868

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Heartbreaker's tooth gem artist! Book your tooth gems, charms or gold with me today!

Tattoo Aftercare

Caring for your new tattoo correctly helps it to stay crisp and vibrant longer. We need to take care of that beautiful new ink! If you're using Saniderm, or an adhesive wrap product, you'll want to take care of it a little differently than you may have in the past. It's actually easier, so no worries!

After 4-5 days, you may remove the bandage. Always wash hands before touching.

Remove in the shower or under warm water to help loosen adhesion.

Slowly and gently peel it off. Do not yank it off.

Clean and rinse the tattoo with unscented antibacterial liquid soup.

Air dry or pat gently with a paper towel.


Begin applying unscented lotion after the removal of bandage.


Some skin may be sensitive. If there's any redness/discomfort around the edges of the bandage, please remove it immediately (even if it hasn't been 5 days) to avoid further irritation.

The bandage is breathable and waterproof so you may shower with it.

It's normal to have fluid pooling underneath the bandage. This is plasma, which keeps your tattoo moist for the first few days and aids in healing.


Adhesive bandages, like Saniderm, are a newer method of tattoo aftercare. These products have been used in hospitals for years to in burn treatments and can be more convenient and heathier than other methods. They protect your healing tattoo from scabbing, infection and other irritants which can damage new tattoos. When used properly, the bandage will seal in your body's natural fluid/plasma to keep the tattoo healing. Those fluids keep your cells hydrated so they can break down dead tissue and remove it efficiently. This stimulated the growth of new cells and reduces healing time, keeping finer details of the tattoo crisp and clean.

EVEN MORE DETAILS (if you want to keep reading)

New tattoos are an open wound and aftercare plays a critical role in how efficiently the wound heals and how much color and detail the tattoo ultimately retains. The ideal conditions for a fresh wound are: moist, yet breathable, and clean. This leads many to use lotions/ointments on cuts, abrasions, and new tattoos. Unfortunately, lotions/ointments dry up quickly and have to be applied multiple times daily. Your tattoo tends to dry up between each application, which can impede the healing process and form scabs. Your skin cells become dehydrated, and cells die. This results in fading, distortion of colors and design, and longer tattoo healing time.

During the healing process, your body tries to keep a wound moist by sending fluids/plasma to the site. This fluid/plasma becomes ineffective when it dries up and forms a scab, damaging the tattoo and making the healing process uncomfortable. The purpose of the scab it to protect the wound from environmental contamination, but that protection comes at a cost. A scab forms a barrier that slows generation of new tissue, so the healing process takes much more time and increases the risk of scarring.

Adhesive bandages are designed to be permeable to gases (i.e. breathable). Your skin requires a certain amount of oxygen to heal properly. The outermost layer of skin is almost exclusively supplied by oxygen from the air. The breathability of the adhesive bandage allows you to wear the same bandage for several days, and your skin continues to function normally. It's protective properties also increase the regeneration of the wound.


Tapes/pads/stretch wrap, etc, do not bend or stretch very well and quickly fall off after activity. Adhesive bandages are light, flexible, and stretchy enough to be applied anywhere that a tattoo can go. They will stay exactly where they are placed. They allow for full range of motion so that your new tattoo will new prevent your usual activities.


There are dirt, germs, and potential irritants everywhere you go. An adhesive bandage provides an impenetrable barrier to protect your new work and keep you safe from infection. It protects from irritation caused by friction (clothes/sheets brushing against your new tattoo), which can be quite painful on a fresh tattoo. An adhesive wrap with keep your new tattoo looking and feeling fresh and clean.

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